[Catalyst] Is it possible somehow to mix and match path parts using Chained?

Peter Karman peter at peknet.com
Tue Jun 9 22:14:53 GMT 2009

Dennis Daupert wrote on 6/9/09 4:51 PM:
> MyApp::User;
> MyApp::User::Actionitem;
> I have my CRUD methods for actionitems in the child class. This is fine for
> 'items that are unassociated to meetings or projects. But when I tell the
> 'item it now is attached to Meeting 37, and the meeting leader does a search
> on Actionitems people have attached to the meeting, things get complicated.
> Let's say the team leader is user # 16. She logs into her /user/profile,
> clicks on 'meetings,' selects meeting 37, and does a search for actionitems
> people have sent to that meeting. Now we need a method flow like this:
> /user/16/meeting/37/actionitem/list

have you looked at how CatalystX::CRUD::Controller does this? It supports
arbitrary relationship names like you are describing.

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