[Catalyst] how do you distribute a catalyst app

Joel Bernstein joel at fysh.org
Wed Jun 10 17:25:40 GMT 2009

On 10 Jun 2009, at 18:14, Octavian Râşniţă wrote:
> BTW, regarding local::lib, does anyone know how can I force install  
> a module that gives an error under Windows when I use it?

Why would you do that? If the module you're installing fails its  
tests, you should file a bug report. What kind of error? IME you  
shouldn't ever want to or need to force install a module. This should  
be a *colossal* red flag to you.

Are you prepared to deploy code built in a house-of-cards manner on  
modules with bugs so grave they fail the author's tests on your  
platform? This ought to scare you.

In any case, force installing a CPAN module in the CPAN shell should  
be no different whether you're using a local::lib or not. Can you  
describe the issue you're seeing? If it _is_ different, file a bug!


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