[Catalyst] catalyst.pl-generated installer installs MyApp/root in same dir as MyApp/lib/*?

Tomas Doran bobtfish at bobtfish.net
Wed Jun 10 22:17:45 GMT 2009

On 9 Jun 2009, at 19:59, Robert Buels wrote:

> Hans Dieter Pearcey wrote:
>> This is so strange to me; I *always* install my applications with  
>> make install,
>> or make debian packages of them, or...

Ok, so, I'm obviously full of crap. (This should not be news to  
anyone who reads the list)

A lot of people install their applications.

A lot of people find the fact that their config gets installed into  
MyApp/myapp.yml, and your templates go into MyApp/root odious and  

You're preaching to the converted, I say we move them into a  
sharedir, which is at least somewhat more sane, or we could even  
adopt the crazy schemes proposed by john (http:// 

We're going to merge the first stage of the -Devel stuff shortly, at  
which point branches to change the application structure (s/root/ 
share/) etc, welcome.

Please to be commenting on John's blog and branching Runtime 5.80 in  
the mean time + stealing the sharedir handling out of Reaction, and  
getting Alias to accept patches to do the 'am I in a checked out  
dist' special move on File::ShareDir?

Well volunteered.


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