[Catalyst] how do you distribute a catalyst app

Hans Dieter Pearcey hdp.perl.catalyst.users at weftsoar.net
Thu Jun 11 18:31:32 GMT 2009

On Thu, Jun 11, 2009 at 09:23:41PM +0300, Octavian Râşniţă wrote:
>      perl -MCPAN -Mlocal::lib=support -e "CPAN::install(HTML::FormFu)"
> The result:
> Database was generated on Thu, 11 Jun 2009 17:08:37 GMT
> HTML::FormFu is up to date (0.05000).
> But HTML::FormFu is not installed under the "support" path.

Because it's already installed somewhere else, and you didn't use

> Failed 185/213 test programs. 20/536 subtests failed.
> (This error is given when I try to install Moose using the standard cpan  
> command line also.)

This isn't an error, this is a summary.  No one can help you fix the problem if
all you give is the summary instead of the actual error log.  Nopaste, or
attach, or something?


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