[Catalyst] RE: uri_for() corrupts query parameters hash for caller

Byron Young Byron.Young at riverbed.com
Fri Jun 26 22:19:01 GMT 2009

Tomas Doran wrote on 2009-06-26:
> Byron Young wrote:
>> I know people have been busy (I think there were some perl
> conferences lately?) and I think my issue slipped through the
> cracks.  Just wanted to know what people thought about this and
> whether I should submit my patch or take a different approach.
> Sorry for dropping this on the floor.
> Yes, please submit a patch :)
> Cheers
> t0m

Alrighty, here you go, patch + test are attached.  There are based off the 5.71001 svn head because that's what I have currently.  5.8's uri_for() looks the same, so it should apply there as well, but let me know if you need another one from 5.8.

(I'm not sure how tracking contributors works, or if you do, but if so this was worked on by myself and Amir Sadoughi).


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