[Catalyst] New restarter code in Catalyst::Devel 1.14_01

Jonathan Rockway jon at jrock.us
Mon May 11 22:53:51 GMT 2009

* On Sun, May 10 2009, Dave Rolsky wrote:
> I recently did some work to rewrite the Catalyst restarter code and
> make it both simpler and less fragile.
> [snip]

Hi Dave,

This is really wonderful.  Thanks!

I have begun porting this concept to MooseX::Runnable, so hopefully all
Perl applications will have access to this functionality soon.

(As an aside, someone mentioned factoring out Catalyst stuff into
separate components in another mail earlier today.  MooseX::Runnable is
the 0th step in this process.  It's actually being used by a few people
in production now, so it's almost time for step 1 -- building a
reusable, componentized (not-necessarily-web) application framework.  I
have started this in a project called Eventful, although most of the
Real Work has happened in my current $work_app.  The step after that is
to make Eventful speak HTTP (which it does already, via HTTP::Engine).
Finally, on top of those components, we can add the Catalyst stuff as
Yet Another Component.  I talked about this on my blog a few weeks ago,
so if you want more details, read that, and bug me on IRC.

The code in the Eventful repo does work, but it doesn't have the
component loading stuff, arguably the most critical part, working
correctly yet... but it will soon, as I finally figured it out this
morning. :)

Jonathan Rockway

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