[Catalyst] New restarter code in Catalyst::Devel 1.14_01

Rodrigo rodrigolive at gmail.com
Mon May 18 15:57:40 GMT 2009

> Restarting is also much faster. All of the Catalyst core code is preloaded
> in a parent process, and the server runs in a child. That means that when
> the child is killed and a new child spawned for a new server, it does not
> need to load all that Catalyst code again, just your application.

I'm getting a misbehaving action dispatcher with the new restarter, even
before the app is restarted:

C:\> catalyst MyApp
C:\MyApp> perl script\myapp_server.pl -r
[info] MyApp powered by Catalyst 5.80003
You can connect to your server at http://localhost:3000

The response to the first request to http://localhost:3000 is this:

[info] *** Request 1 (0.333/s) [-2208] [Mon May 18 17:02:38 2009] ***
[debug] "GET" request for "/" from ""
[debug] Couldn't forward to command "//_DISPATCH": Invalid action or
[error] Couldn't forward to command "//_DISPATCH": Invalid action or
[info] Request took 0.008397s (119.090/s)

The app works just fine without the -r option.

This is a fresh Strawberry Perl 5.8.9 (Apr 2009) install + Catalyst::Devel.

Has anyone tested the new restarter on Win32? It looks like some kindda
issue with the "fork" at  Catalyst::Restarter::_fork_and_start(). IMHO, a
parent process loaded with the core code could too advanced for windows'
pseudo-fork. So I was wondering if maybe this was tested on ActivePerl
--I've feeling that their fork works better than Strawberry's.

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