[Catalyst] does detach cancel forward

Steve Rippl rippls at woodlandschools.org
Mon Nov 2 16:52:47 GMT 2009

Hi all.

I'm building "chains" of methods using forward and detach mostly, I
quote the chains because I know it's not the regular chained methods but
my "chains" vary according to where you are etc.  Anyway, the question I
have is whether forward is still valid after a detach... let me

If A forwards to B, once B is done it comes back to A, that I use and it
works.  If C detaches to D to doesn't come back after D, again I use

Now, If from A I forward to B, then B detaches to C which detaches to D,
it doesn't seem to come back to A after D.  Is this my mistake
somewhere, is it by design?  Does the detach after a forward "cancel"
the forward?


Steve Rippl
Technology Director
Woodland Public Schools
360 225 9451 x326

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