[Catalyst] Can't redirect using $c->res->redirect()

Emmanuel Quevillon tuco at pasteur.fr
Fri Nov 6 14:43:42 GMT 2009


I am facing a strange problem while redirecting to another url.
In my controller Logout::index, at the end,
$c->res->redirect($c->uri_for('/')); with previous version of catalyst.

Now, when I do it, I get stacked on a blank page en I get an error
in my logs :

[Fri Nov  6 15:36:13 2009] [error] Caught exception in engine "Can't
call method "as_string" on an undefined value at
/usr/local/share/perl/5.10.0/Catalyst/Engine.pm line 95."

The only way I found to get it working is to call
$c->detach(qw/Login index/) which check for a user connected or not
and so display login page or home page.

Has anybody a hint about this?

Thanks a lot

I am running Catalyst::Runtime 5.80013
Emmanuel Quevillon
Biological Software and Databases Group
Institut Pasteur
+33 1 44 38 95 98
tuco at_ pasteur dot fr

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