[Catalyst] Can't redirect using $c->res->redirect()

Octavian Râsnita orasnita at gmail.com
Fri Nov 6 15:06:01 GMT 2009

From: "Emmanuel Quevillon" <tuco at pasteur.fr>

> Hi,
> I am facing a strange problem while redirecting to another url.
> In my controller Logout::index, at the end,
> $c->res->redirect($c->uri_for('/')); with previous version of catalyst.
> Now, when I do it, I get stacked on a blank page en I get an error

I also had a similar problem, although I hadn't check the logs, and I solved 
it by upgrading all the Catalyst related modules.

Try doing a

cpan -O > file

and then try to upgrade all the Catalyst:: modules and maybe a few others 
that you may think it could help and see if this solves the problem.


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