[Catalyst] Re: Adding default query parameters to generated links.

Aristotle Pagaltzis pagaltzis at gmx.de
Sat Oct 17 19:42:50 GMT 2009

* Tomas Doran <bobtfish at bobtfish.net> [2009-10-13 00:00]:
> I'd very likely go with this myself.
> You can apply it as a role, and then trivially remove it later,
> it's wrapping one method and so low impact, and there are no
> negative consequences if your session goes away for any
> reason..
> Just feels like less moving parts to me...

Less implicit state on the server = better HTTP style:

• Easier to scale: at the app level, no session to replicate
  between web servers or communicate via the DB; above the app
  level, easier to use proxies to selectively route/cache stuff
  by inspecting URIs

• Easier to test and automate: no need to drive a (maybe long)
  sequence of requests to put the interaction into the right

• Better user experience: allows multiple tabs with different
  interaction state in each

• More detail in server logs: better data mining opportunities

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