[Catalyst] Question the book authors

Mark Keating m.keating at shadowcat.co.uk
Mon Oct 19 14:23:33 GMT 2009

Hi all on the Catalyst list.

The next technical meeting of North West England Perl Mongers will be  
held at the MEN offices in Manchester on the 28th October. We will be  
gifted with a talk by Jess Robinson on Docs and then Jess, Matt Trout  
and Kieren (three of the authors of the latest Catalyst book) will be  
answering questions live on stage. Kieren is in Australia so will be  
joining us via conference link-ups and we hope to stream the whole  
event to the internet/or record and put the video up afterwards.

If you can attend via real person/web link that would be great, if not  
please email questions to us (in fact this is the wisest course of  
action) and we will ask the authors on the night. Questions can be  
sent to:


Hope to see you there, more information can be found here:


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