[Catalyst] generating and redirecting to pdfs

Steve Rippl rippls at woodlandschools.org
Tue Oct 20 22:25:32 GMT 2009


I'm using TT for my View templates, and I'm experimenting with
Template::Plugin::Latex for generating pdf reports.  Now I'm generating
pdfs (which is nice!) but not redirecting to them at the end, so I
suspect I'm using the wrong approach.

Right now I've added OUTPUT_PATH => 'root/tmp' to lib/WsdSis/View/TT.pm
and when I hit the /report/test it using the following template (without
a wrapper)

  META no_wrapper = 1;
  META title = 'Latex';
[% USE Latex(output='example.pdf') -%]
[% FILTER latex %]
...LaTeX document...
[% END -%]

which produces root/tmp/example.pdf but leaves me looking at a blank
page on the screen.  I realize my view is supposed to provide the final
view and I've redirected that way to the pdf file, is there a quick way
to redirect to that or do I need a different approach (similar to the
Catalyst::View::Email::Template example in the book?).

Any pointers would be much appreciated... 


Steve Rippl
Technology Director
Woodland Public Schools
360 225 9451 x326

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