[Catalyst] Basic CRUD example failing

Jason Dixon jason at dixongroup.net
Wed Oct 28 14:24:23 GMT 2009

On Wed, Oct 28, 2009 at 07:10:56AM -0700, J. Shirley wrote:
> This sounds like you didn't properly setup the chain (as listed below the TT
> example).
> Verify the following two sections are fully complete (in particular, the
> method attributes on "sub object"):
>  *
> http://search.cpan.org/~hkclark/Catalyst-Manual-5.8001/lib/Catalyst/Manual/Tutorial/04_BasicCRUD.pod#Add_a_Common_Method_to_Retrieve_a_Book_for_the_Chain
>  *
> http://search.cpan.org/~hkclark/Catalyst-Manual-5.8001/lib/Catalyst/Manual/Tutorial/04_BasicCRUD.pod#Add_a_Delete_Action_to_the_Controller

Oy vey, I feel stupid.  I thought I was at the end of a section already.
Obviously I'm missing the delete action on the controller.  I'll test
again later and report back.


Jason Dixon
DixonGroup Consulting

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