[Catalyst] Use of memcached with Catalyst

Natal Ngétal hobbestigrou at erakis.im
Fri Oct 30 15:03:36 GMT 2009

I'm writing here beacause i want to know if anyone have used memacached
with Catalyst. I have tested using a plugin for Catalyst
but i have a little problem. If I restart my apache, it's ok, I'm still
connected when apache restarts. But if I'm connected and I try to go in
another front, I'm not connected: a new session is created. I searched
on google but I couldn't get examples of this. I'm using Catalsyt 5.7006
with Perl 5.8.8. I have a hash with the address of the memcached server,
the namespace and the hash_namespace activated. When I want to cache any
data, I use 
$c->session->{user} = $user;
If you have some example or a documentation, that would be cool. 

Thanks in advance.

\0/ Hobbestigrou
site web: http://erakis.im

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