[Catalyst] Template render in parts

Venish Khant venish at deeproot.co.in
Thu Sep 3 05:10:02 GMT 2009

Hi all,

I am trying to display the LDAP search entries using 'callback' option in
the search method.
I have been successful in handling the callback option and got 'one by one
But I found a problem in displaying the search entries in a Template using
the catalyst framework.

I want to display LDAP search entries in TT. But I want to show the search
entries directly.
When I receive the first search result, I want to show it (that result) in
TT and the back-end process should automatically search the second entry
and so on.
Similarly, when I get the second search result, I want  to show that
result in TT and similarly the back-end process should automatically
search the next entry and so on.

It means when I get the search results directly, it should be ideally
displayed in the TT without waiting for all the search results.
For this mechanism, I used the Net::LDAP search method. Search method
provides callback option to return one by one search results.
For the template, I used Template::Alloy module. I used both modules (i.e.
Net::LDAP and Template::Alloy) in my CGI application. Both work perfectly.

Now I want to use this mechanism in Catalyst applications as well. I
searched and designed the following module
Catalyst::Helper::View::TT::Alloy. I believe it should work perfectly in
place of the Template::Alloy module. Could you please give your
comments/insights on this as I'm not completely sure about it.

It would also be of immense help if you could refer me some other module
which would/could work in place of the Template::Alloy module perfectly in
the Catalyst framework for different applications.

I would be grateful if any one help me how to access this module with
Catalyst framework.

Looking forward to a prompt response.

Venish Khant

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