[Catalyst] [Announce] Catalyst 5.80012 uploaded to CPAN

Marcus Ramberg marcus at nordaaker.com
Wed Sep 9 18:57:31 GMT 2009

Hi sports fans!

I am happy to report that version 5.80012 of your favorite MVC
framework is making it's way to a CPAN mirror near you. This is
another maintaince release, and fixes some regressions in the test
suite and backwards compability. We also reduce the minimum required
Perl version, to make it easier to use Catalyst on platforms with
older Perl installations.

I've included the full changelog entry below.

With regards
Marcus Ramberg
Catalyst Release Manager
-- Teaching a million monkeys touch typing.

5.80012 2009-09-09 19:09:09

  Bug fixes:
     - Fix t/optional_http-server.t test.
     - Fix t/optional_http-server-restart.t test.
     - Fix duplicate components being loaded at setup time, each component is
       now loaded at most once + tests.
     - Fix backward compatibility - hash key configured actions are stored in
       is returned to 'actions'.
     - Fix get_action_methods returning duplicate methods when a method is both
       decorated with method attributes and set as an action in config.

  Refactoring / cleanups:
     - Reduce minimum supported perl version from 5.8.6 to 5.8.4 as there are
       many people still running/testing this version with no known issues.

     - Make the optional_http_server.t test an author only test which must be
       run by authors to stop it being broken again.
     - Fix recursion warnings in the test suites.

With regards
Marcus Ramberg

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