[Catalyst] Hi, First time using Catalyst and get an install error

Octavian Râsnita orasnita at gmail.com
Tue Sep 22 21:22:09 GMT 2009

From: "Alejandro Imass" <alejandro.imass at gmail.com>
Here is how I go about with a CPAN failed test:
1) Determine which module is producing the error. This is usually as
easy as scrolling up a bit in your shell and look for the latest lines
that read "Going to build XXX".
2) Exit the CPAN shell and go to the build directory, which would be
~/.cpan/build/module-XXXX . You have to be careful that XXXX is the
actual version you are trying to install. If unsure delete all
versions of the module there (rm -Rf ~/.cpan/build/module*) and re-try
with CPAN shell. If you are probably runing CPAN as root, that would
be /root/.cpan/build/module-XXXX.
3) Inside the directory of the module, just run make and make test and
try to see exactly what's going on. Usually is a failed dependency
like Tom said, but sometimes it may be things like your locale or many
other things. If unsure, just copy the ouput from that single module's
output here and many will surely help.
Alejandro Imass

If you want to go into the directory where the module ModuleName was built, 
you don't need to exit the CPAN shell, but just use:

cpan> look ModuleName

It will open a sub-shell.
There you can use perl Makefile.PL, make, make test, prove -l t
Then you can go back to the cpan shell by using exit command.



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