[Catalyst] Re: Catalyst 5.800013 - missing dependency version

Tomas Doran bobtfish at bobtfish.net
Wed Sep 23 08:51:17 GMT 2009

On 23 Sep 2009, at 07:38, Toby Corkindale wrote:

> Marcus Ramberg wrote:
>> Another day, another Catalyst 5.8 maintainance release. This time,
>> lucky number 13. The main reason for this release is a change in the
>> guts of  the most recent Class::MOP. Thus, this release depends on  
>> the
>> latest Moose/Class-MOP, see the changelog attached below for details.
>> There are also some minor documentation/refactoring changes, and
>> removal of the -short option to catalyst.pl, which generated a
>> deprecated style Catalyst namespace.
> I am running the latest stable versions of Moose/Class-MOP and their  
> dependencies.
> tobyc at arya:~$ pmvers Moose
> 0.91
> tobyc at arya:~$ pmvers Class::MOP
> 0.93
> When installing Catalyst::Runtime 5.800013 the tests were  
> (eventually) successful - however they output a vast amount of  
> warnings from Moose.
> The following dump is just the output from a single unit test!
> (In this case, t/unit_metaclass_compat_non_moose_controller.t, since  
> it was the last one in the log that produced the warnings. The  
> following t/unit*.t ones were quiet.)
> However I then upgraded MooseX::Types to 0.20, and the warnings went  
> away.
> Thus I'm guessing MooseX::Types needs to have a higher required  
> version in Makefile.PL?

Hmm, interesting.

Catalyst::Runtime 5.800013 requires
MooseX::Methodattributes 0.16 which in turn requires
MooseX::Types 0.19, which was the version that the warnings were fixed  
in I believe..

So this shouldn't be a problem. (And I did test upgrading a machine  
from old to new stuff, and didn't get warnings - before we released).

Do you know what version of MX::Types you upgraded _from_?

Can you try manually installing MooseX::Types 0.19, and then running  
the Catalyst test suite to confirm if this version _does_ need  
incrementing in some cases (i.e. on your machine, as I can't replicate  
this), or if for some reason you didn't get the new version previously?

Thanks in advance.

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