[Catalyst] Re: Catalyst 5.800013 - missing dependency version

Michele Beltrame mb at cattlegrid.info
Wed Sep 23 13:44:54 GMT 2009


Stepping into this as I had similar "issues"...

> Can you try manually installing MooseX::Types 0.19, and then running the
> Catalyst test suite to confirm if this version _does_ need incrementing
> in some cases (i.e. on your machine, as I can't replicate this), or if
> for some reason you didn't get the new version previously?

With MooseX::Type 0.19 (version of Moose I currently have is 0.91) I get 
the same load of warnings as Toby: upgrading to 0.20 solves the issue.

I hope this report is of some help.


Michele Beltrame
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