[Catalyst] Catalyst benchmark 5.7 VS 5.8

Carl Johnstone catalyst at fadetoblack.me.uk
Tue Sep 29 08:32:04 GMT 2009

Toby Corkindale wrote:
> (CentOS 5 was one of the operating systems that came with the
> badly-patched Perl with the slow bless performance..
> although I'm sure it's been patched by now?
> ie. http://blog.vipul.net/2008/08/24/redhat-perl-what-a-tragedy/
> )

Was patched last year - stop spreading FUD.

The RHEL/CentOS perl build isn't the best one is the world but it's adequate 
enough for most uses. Too much FUD will just scare decision makers who don't 
understand the technical details and just see perl + RHEL = fail.


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