[Catalyst] Alternatives to DBIx?

Ashley apv at sedition.com
Sun Apr 18 03:33:36 GMT 2010

On Apr 17, 2010, at 7:31 PM, Lyle wrote:
> J. Shirley wrote:
>> If your developers cost less than your servers, raw DBI is probably a
>> quite adequate solution.  Glad someone is doing it, because I  
>> wouldn't
>> touch those jobs
> All depends. If you're product is to go to hundreds of customers,  
> then the cost of them all having to buy high end servers if much  
> more than the developer time. Plus a lot of them won't buy if it  
> means a server upgrade. Like I said it all depends on the what kind  
> of websites you are working on, or what your customers expect. There  
> are lots of different angles on these things.
> Don't get me wrong, when I free lance I have to do Cat/DBIC/ 
> Whatever, doesn't mean I enjoy or agree with it.

I have had several Cat apps on an $8/month host for several years now.  
Catalyst apps don't need high end (though they do usually need a  
persistent execution of some kind; modperl, fastcgi, etc; RoR and some  
PHP stuff having the same need has helped get fastcgi on many budget  
hosts). Just appending that to the thread for anyone who comes in to  
read this and gets the impression that anything else is true.


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