[Catalyst] Alternatives to DBIx?

Eden Cardim edencardim at gmail.com
Sun Apr 18 05:00:39 GMT 2010

On Sat, Apr 17, 2010 at 7:38 PM, Lyle <webmaster at cosmicperl.com> wrote:
> TBH if I really found the need for the DB to match up to objects, then I'd
> use an Object Database, not a Relational one. The only real argument for
> using a relational one instead, in that situation, is the performance
> benefits. When you want top performance from a relational database, you
> won't be using an ORM anyway.

Actually, DBIx::Class, isn't necessarily an ORM, it's a Data Access
Layer, given that inflation to objects is merely the default behaviour
for it. You can very effortlessly coerce it to build an arbitrary data
structure instead of objects from the data that's fetched from the
database, and all the code up to the point where it inflates to
objects is pretty much what you'd write if you used raw DBI anyway.
Running arbitrary SQL is also very trivial to accomplish. In fact, I
have a few projects where DBIx::Class is used solely as a query
library and they all perform very well and were set up quite quickly,
because I didn't have to spend time designing, building and testing an
access layer.

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