[Catalyst] Using Jquery UI Autocomplete widget with Catalyst::View::JSON

Hetényi Csaba csabiwork at tata.hu
Sun Apr 25 15:32:43 GMT 2010

Dear All

Is there anyone, who has success with this combination?

I have no idea, how to use this.

On the Jquery Autocomplete demo page, i 'd like to do as you can see in =

the second demo
(Remote datasource), but not working.

If examine the original demo response with firebug, i see, that the =

(which is used in the demo as a remote datasource) response is HTML header
and NOT JSON, and it is working.
If i changed to my own response generated with C:W:JSON, i see the =

correct type:
JSON, but there is no suggestion appears.

I noticed, the Autocomplete plugin waits for String-Array or =

Object-Array, (which
starts and ends with [ ...] )  but my code always starts and ends with { =

... } (JSON object type).
I tried many perl data-structure, but always starts with { ...

Original working response (with HTML header):

|[ { "id": "Acrocephalus agricola", "label": "Paddyfield Warbler", "value":=
 "Paddyfield Warbler" } ]

My not woking response with JSON header:

||{"value":"Common Shelduck","id":"Tadorna tadorna","label":"Common Shelduc=

Thank you in advance!!

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