[Catalyst] Alternatives to Catalyst ?

Wade Stuart wbs at grepit.net
Mon Apr 26 19:48:07 GMT 2010

(Replying in general, to the sense of this email which others have related

> Dermot, to my reading at least, has been clear twice now that he was
> asking specifically about how to retrieve parameters -- presumably not
> coming to a web framework list for an unsolicited computer science
> lecture on encapsulation...
> I think it behooves us as a community to afford posters when they
> clearly articulate a question and context, as Dermot has*, not to
> treat them as complete noobs. It'd be a shame if folks became
> reluctant to ask 'simple' questions for fear of half a dozen catalyst
> old-skoolers delivering a sermon.
Sorry,  it is akin to someone driving up to you while you are in a gas
station in a unleaded ford asking very nicely "Do you know where the diesel
pumps are"?  The question is literate and well formed but in context implies
lack of understanding.  I would choose to answer,  "You know, are not
driving a diesel and putting unleaded in that car will break it -- the pumps
are over there".  If you want unadulterated bits in response to questions go
read the source,  if you ask here there are many people that actually read
the questions and respond with holistic information that may not be the
exact output you are looking for.

Second and more important,  the responses are offered for free -- complaints
are considered a cost.

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