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Hi Paul,

Don't get me wrong, but my opinion is pretty much opposite from yours, =

if people come and ask a good question (which Dermot did), and seem to =

be -not- total noobs, then they get a free CompSci lesson to go with the =

answer they've gotten :)

Maybe that's just me, but I always like knowing -why- a certain answer =

was given - besides just the "this is how it should be" kind of answer :)

Anyways, he got both the answer he was looking for, and some tips from =

people - perhaps some of us feel more strongly about it than others, but =

hey, that's what makes things interesting no?

Paul Makepeace wrote:
>> Even if you're not, direct hash accessing is basically akin to juggling
>> grenades. It might go right for a long time, but eventually the pin's go=
>> to come out and there will be a very messy BLAM.
>> Even if it is code you just write for yourself, still doesn't hurt to ma=
>> sure you avoid the BLAM bit :)
>>     =

> (Replying in general, to the sense of this email which others have relate=
d too)
> Dermot, to my reading at least, has been clear twice now that he was
> asking specifically about how to retrieve parameters -- presumably not
> coming to a web framework list for an unsolicited computer science
> lecture on encapsulation...
> I think it behooves us as a community to afford posters when they
> clearly articulate a question and context, as Dermot has*, not to
> treat them as complete noobs. It'd be a shame if folks became
> reluctant to ask 'simple' questions for fear of half a dozen catalyst
> old-skoolers delivering a sermon.
> (Even these questions often reveal useful tidbits like the CGI compat haz=
> Paul
> * not the OP!
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