[Catalyst] Catalyst and CouchDB

Michael Peck mapeck65 at gmail.com
Wed Aug 18 13:58:59 GMT 2010

I have been tinkering with Catalyst, and lurking on this list, for
quite some time.  I am planning to use catalyst in a project that
likely will end up scaling rather quickly.  From all I've learned
here, choosing Catalyst was fairly easy, though I haven't yet chosen
the database for the project.  I was recently introduced to
CouchDB--I've yet to even download it, but I've read a great deal
about it, and have read most of the book.  I believe it will be a good
fit for my needs, but I have found little information as to how well
it integrates with Catalyst.

Are you using CouchDB with Catalyst?
Is it ready for use in a high-volume Catalyst App?
Do you have examples of using CouchDB in Catalyst that you are willing to share?
Do you have any other suggestions or advice?


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