[Catalyst] App breaks after updating to Catalyst::Plugin::Session::State::URI v0.14

Bryan Opfer b at opfermail.com
Thu Aug 19 16:12:06 GMT 2010

> I've tested with different clients and different servers; the behavior is
> consistent. I upgrade to C::P::Session::State::URI v0.14 and the problem
> starts. I downgrade to C::P::Session::State::URI v0.13 and the problem goes
> away.
> I failed to mention in my original message; the problem manifests with POST
> requests. I'm not sure whether GET requests are immune, but POST requests
> with size >0 will always fail.

I have the same exact behavior in my app after upgrading to 0.14.  So,
I don't think it is just your app.  Interestingly, if I remove "param"
from my config and use the mode where the session id is appended to
the URI, then things work fine.  But, if I use the session id in the
param, it breaks just like your app.


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