[Catalyst] User management with Catalyst (with email and URLs)

Daniel.Brunkhorst at dataport.de Daniel.Brunkhorst at dataport.de
Thu Aug 26 08:46:55 GMT 2010

Dear list members,

I guess what I am trying to do is a pretty common task for web
developers. So I am very astonished that a couple of hours spent
searching the Internet didn't provide me with a good starting point for
my efforts.

Here's what I would like to achieve:
A user comes to a web page and enters his email address to join the fun.
He gets an email with a confirmation URL that leads him back to the site
where he entered his email address to begin with, he then gets a welcome
message and is presented a request to enter a password. With his email
address and the entered password he can from then on login to the
protected area at any time.
And of course users do forget their passwords, so an automatic password
retrieval feature would come in handy, too.

Anybody got any good pointers where to start looking for something I can
customize to my needs?

I can't imagine I am the first or only one wanting to achieve something
like the above using Catalyst. Right?

Any hints appreciated.


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