[Catalyst] User management with Catalyst (with email and URLs)

David Schmidt davewood at gmx.at
Thu Aug 26 09:13:02 GMT 2010

On Thu, Aug 26, 2010 at 10:46 AM,  <Daniel.Brunkhorst at dataport.de> wrote:
> Dear list members,
> I guess what I am trying to do is a pretty common task for web developers.
> So I am very astonished that a couple of hours spent searching the Internet
> didn’t provide me with a good starting point for my efforts.
> Here’s what I would like to achieve:
> A user comes to a web page and enters his email address to join the fun. He
> gets an email with a confirmation URL that leads him back to the site where
> he entered his email address to begin with, he then gets a welcome message
> and is presented a request to enter a password. With his email address and
> the entered password he can from then on login to the protected area at any
> time.
> And of course users do forget their passwords, so an automatic password
> retrieval feature would come in handy, too.
> Anybody got any good pointers where to start looking for something I can
> customize to my needs?
> I can’t imagine I am the first or only one wanting to achieve something like
> the above using Catalyst. Right?
> Any hints appreciated.
> Thanks,
> Daniel.
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Basically you need to setup a model (a common one would be
DBIx::Class) to store your users.


Then you need to set up the Authentication Plugin

and thats pretty much it.

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