[Catalyst] Re: Converting a GET request to a POST request

Aristotle Pagaltzis pagaltzis at gmx.de
Wed Dec 1 00:45:27 GMT 2010

* Ronald J Kimball <rkimball at pangeamedia.com> [2010-11-29 18:30]:
> This is for a widget that will be hosted on third party
> websites. The widget will allow users of those sites to
> interact with our content. The widget will be written in
> JavaScript and HTML. The widget will retrieve content and
> submit user interactions using Ajax and JSONP (supposedly via
> a REST API :). Users will not be required to log in to interact
> with the content in the widget.

An obvious idea would be to serve the client-side code from your
own domain so it can use XMLHttpRequest – so I have to assume you
considered and rejected that approach. Is that so? If yes, it
would be useful to hear the considerations behind that rejection.

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