[Catalyst] Catalyst Workflow Framework Integration

Eric Berg eberg at bergbrains.com
Sat Dec 18 15:55:45 GMT 2010

On 12/13/10 10:38 AM, Eden Cardim wrote:
>>>>>> "Eric" == Eric Berg<eberg at bergbrains.com>  writes:
>      Eric>  Can anyone make any recommendations for workflow solutions for
>      Eric>  catalyst?  I see that Workflow and Class::Workflow seem to be
>      Eric>  the primary options.
> Class::Workflow is a regular perl class that you can integrate via a
> Catalyst::Model, see the catalyst manual for that: http://goo.gl/Adudh
Right.  These are the two primary solutions -- for lack of a better term 
-- that I found for Perl.   I'm trying to apply workflows in a Catalyst 
app, and can't really see how to do that.

I've created a subclass of Class::Workflow::Instance, but I'm not sure 
how to integrate that into my catalyst app.  I've identified several 
workflows that I'd like to implement, one of which tracks the progress 
of a user through the process of filling out a multi-page form, and the 
other is applied on the scale of the lifetime of a document that could 
be several days from beginning to end.

What I'm looking for is some suggestions regarding ways to implement 
multiple workflows in my application.  I am having difficulty seeing the 
whole picture for CW in the context of Catalyst.

So, my questions:

-  I've created a subclass of CW::Instance which is distinct from any of 
my primary schema objects, but I've seen some suggestions that 
incorporating the CW into your existing objects by way of inheritance is 
an alternative.  What are the pros/cons of this approach?

- What is the right place to put the code that defines each workflow?  
Having multiple workflows, I would like to write the code once, and then 
create separate configs for each workflow.    Looks like defining the 
actual code to perform the transitions is defined using 
CW::Transition(::Simple), but where should this code go?

Thanks again for any suggestions or info.

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