[Catalyst] Use SessionId from HTTP header

Christiaan Kras c.kras at pcc-online.net
Sun Feb 14 12:33:35 GMT 2010

It seems it's already possible with the Catalyst::Plugin::Session::State Cookie andd URI modules.

The howto on the Catalyst WiKi helped me out.

So problem solved.

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Onderwerp: [Catalyst] Use SessionId from HTTP header
Van: "Christiaan Kras" <c.kras at pcc-online.net>
Datum: 14-02-2010 12:47

In a RESTful application I'm working I'd like to be able to load a session based on the sessionid which is sent with the HTTP headers. The application will, at a later stadium, get a webinterface as well so I'd still like to use cookies, except for the RESTful part I want to be able to choose.

What would be the best approach on this problem. Write a Catalyst::Plugin:Session::State based module? If so, some pointers on doing so would be nice. I'm not very familiar with Catalyst and Moose, so I'm struggling a bit on this part.



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