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Stuart Watt swatt at infobal.com
Thu Feb 25 21:02:26 GMT 2010

In what way is the "under" Catalyst? Is there any integration needed? If =

not, this sounds like all you need to do is configure your web server so =

that /blog =3D> wordpress. Then your web server will simply peek the URLs =

and send all requests that begin /blog... to your PHP area, while =

everything else can fall through to Catalyst or whatever else you have =

installed. In this sense, /blog... is not under Catalyst control, but to =

the user they will look sort of integrated.

The static files are not processed, just transmitted as is. So no PHP =

will get run on anything there. Although it might be possible to process =

them with PHP by running PHP from Catalyst, I am pretty sure you would =

not want to go there.

All the best
Stuart Watt
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Charles wrote:
> I don't want to implement code for a blog. What's the easiest way to inco=
rporate wordpress on my site under my single  catalyst instance .
> I'm going to download the wordpress code and not have it hosted elsewhere.
> I'd like to have the blog like mydomainname.com/blog . I've got a root/st=
atic/images dir currently where my images live and the mydomainname.com/sta=
tic/images/foo.jpg is all visible . I would think that the blog code could =
go in the static dir but doesn't seem to just work out of the box.
> Any hlp apprec as always.
> I'm running catalyst-runtime 5.7014 .
> -C
>       =

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