[Catalyst] Please Read If You Have Done a Catalyst Advent Calendar Submission At Any Time

hkclark at gmail.com hkclark at gmail.com
Sun Jan 10 15:53:16 GMT 2010

Hi Everyone,

The folks at perladvent.org would like to link to the Catalyst Advent
Calendar and archive versions of it.  We are assuming that everyone
who has written an Advent entry in 2009 or prior years has done so
under the standard Catalyst license.  If you have submitted an article
and would like to have a different license apply, please email Jerrad
at belg4mit [at] pthbb.org (probably wouldn't hurt to CC me on that
email as well).  If we don't hear from folks, we will assume that the
standard Catalyst license applies and tell Jerrad to go ahead with his
plans in a week or so.


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Subject: Advent calendar

Dear Calendar Authors,

I was wondering what the license of your advent calendar was? I am unable to
find any explicit statemenet regarding this on the site. We added links to all
the major calendars we could find at perladvent.org this year, but I'm also
thinking about archiving other calendars as well, just in case these sites
were to go away. Would it be possible to include this? They'll be in a clearly
marked section, and a simple mirror of the website's contents with invalid
content such as links to the site's CMS culled.


Jerrad Pierce
Perl Advent Calendar Editor

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