[Catalyst] Bugzilla REST API in Catalyst

Gervase Markham gerv at mozilla.org
Mon Jan 11 11:44:57 GMT 2010

Dear Catalyst community,

Summary: I'm hoping to find a kind Catalyst expert who can spend an hour
telling me which bits of Catalyst my open source project badly misuses,
and give me pointers on how to do things better.

Background: I've been using Catalyst for my latest open source project.
It's an HTTP REST API for Bugzilla, but implemented as a proxy to
decouple it from Bugzilla's update schedule so I can do rapid
development and prototyping of various API approaches. So the idea is,
basically, that there's this nice REST API on the front, and all the
nasty XML and CSV parsing/screen scraping happens on the back where the
API user doesn't have to worry about it. It uses
Catalyst::Controller::REST. It's about 2 thousand lines of code all

This is something that lots of people in the Mozilla project have been
screaming for, because they want to do cool innovative webby mash-up
type things with Bugzilla data. And I can see it being useful to many of
the other hundreds of projects who use Bugzilla too. Once the API is
stable, it'll eventually get implemented on top of Bugzilla itself. So
that'll be the same, but just faster.

Aaaanyway... it's my first Catalyst app, and I'm sure I've architected a
bunch of stuff wrong.

Question: Is there anyone out there willing to do a new open source
project, the Mozilla project, and lots of other Bugzilla-using people a
big favour and take an hour or two to get the code from Hg, cast an
experienced and beady eye over it, and send me a mail that says things
like "your URL dispatching is stuffed; this is what you should do",
"you've crammed all that data munging into the Model, whereas it should
be in...", "you really should have a proper log for API transactions,
like this..." and so on?

This thing may have to scale up fairly high, so knowing the foundations
are solid would be a great comfort to me. I and the Mozilla project
would be very grateful :-) Do let me know if you might be able to help.



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