[Catalyst] Selecting from more tables (DBIC - bug?)

Octavian Rasnita orasnita at gmail.com
Sun Jan 17 13:22:57 GMT 2010


Sorry for not writing to the DBIC mailing list, but it rejects my messages
as SPAM.

I have tried the following select from the table "user":

return $self->search_rs({},{
prefetch => {blogs => 'blog_comments'},
'+select' => ['me.id'],
'+as' => ['user_id'],

The table user has_many blogs and it also has_many blog_comments.

The table blog has_many blog_comments and belongs_to user.

The table blog_comment belongs_to user and belongs_to blog.

The problem is that the +select and +as options have no effect, and the
query above returns all the columns from all 3 tables, no matter what
columns I select.

It seems to work only if I use "join" instead of "prefetch" and "select" and
"as" instead of "+select" and "+as".

I use ActivePerl 5.10.1 and the latest versions of DBIx::Class and

Is there a bug or I am missing something obvious, or it is just not possible
what I want?

Thank you.


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