[Catalyst] "Fat Model" Methodology?

Jeff Albert jralbert at uvic.ca
Thu Jan 21 17:37:41 GMT 2010

Hi List!
I'm a new-ish Catalyst developer, converted from the ranks of the HTML::Mas=
on faithful, and the recent nature of my dedication to MVC design, and to C=
atalyst's fat-model pattern specifically, has left me with some questions t=
hat I hope you folks can help me with. I'm trying to understand how I would=
 go about moving my application's business logic, which seemed at first gla=
nce to fit quite logically into Catalyst's Controllers, into the Model. Spe=
cifically, in this case I've got a Catalyst::Model::DBIC::Schema model to o=
btain my application's data from; should I try to implement my business log=
ic in that model (and if so, where? In the DBIC model PM? In the schema def=
initions?), or should I create a separate 'application object' model which =
brokers requests from the Controllers and uses the DBIC model to implement =
them if they fit the application's logic? I've looked far and wide to try t=
o better understand how this pattern should work, since I can see the benef=
it of the better code reuse and easier maintenance it would entail; I just =
need some advice to get me started. Suggestions?

Jeff Albert
jralbert at uvic.ca<mailto:jralbert at uvic.ca>

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