[Catalyst] Where is the form field lost?

Octavian Rasnita orasnita at gmail.com
Tue Jan 26 17:56:40 GMT 2010

> From: "Charlie Garrison" <
garrison at zeta.org.au>

> One of the reasons I found IC::FS so much better, was the extra
> control for things like how files are named/stored on disk. From
> the POD:
> fs_file_name
>   Provides the file naming algorithm. Override this method to
> change it.
>   This method is called with two parameters: The name of the
> column and the column_info object.
> _fs_column_dirs
>   Returns the sub-directory components for a given file name.
> Override it to provide a deeper directory tree or change the algorithm.

That's true, but I still don't know how can I store the path to the file.

If in the file field I store just the file name, I need to create a second
column just for storing the random path for each file upload field.

If I will store the random path and the file name in the same column like
/e3/e3434ae1b/The original file name.pdf

then each time I would need to create a subroutine that takes this file name
and gets only the original file name for printing it on the page, but I 
think this is the most simple way though.


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