[Catalyst] Q: CatalystX::SimpleLogin

Bernhard Graf catalyst4 at augensalat.de
Thu Jan 28 22:07:44 GMT 2010

Tomas Doran schrieb:

> If you want to override the login controller, then just don't add
> CX::SimpleLogin to your app at all, then make a
> lib/MyApp/Controller/Login.pm which subclasses
> CX::SimpleLogin::Controller::Login..

Ah! That makes sense.
Actually I find that even cleaner than adding CX::SimpleLogin as a
Catalyst plug^H^H^H^Hrole.

> ::SimpleLogin _works for me_ right now - but that doesn't really mean
> very much...
> I've been holding off adding features to it from imaginary use cases, as
> I'll just implement the wrong things... I need people to try using it
> and complain about what isn't clear and which points they want to extend
> it at, but can't..

Now it works for me too, except...

> So thanks for the feedback :)

... here is one more: the "remember thing" doesn't work:


doesn't seem to do anything to the session expiration date.
This method is not documented, but when I look into the source of
C:P:Session it seems to me, that the argument for extend_session_expires
is ignored.


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