[Catalyst] Q: CatalystX::SimpleLogin

Tomas Doran bobtfish at bobtfish.net
Thu Jan 28 18:52:29 GMT 2010

Bernhard Graf wrote:
> But that's not "simple" anymore, or?

The idea is that you should be able to configure as much as possible 
(which is why I just jumped to add config for the things you noted), 
_but_ easy to override with your own code _when_ you need to..

> And for redirect_after_login_uri I
> don't have any idea how I could overwrite that, because CX::SimpleLogin
> injects CX::SimpleLogin::Controller::Login as MyApp::Controller::Login
> and I don't know how to get my own component inserted instead.

Right, this is clearly under documented - I'll see what I can do about 
sorting that out... :)

If you want to override the login controller, then just don't add 
CX::SimpleLogin to your app at all, then make a 
lib/MyApp/Controller/Login.pm which subclasses 

> Thanks for helping, for CX::SimpleLogin and for everything else. :)

No problem.

::SimpleLogin _works for me_ right now - but that doesn't really mean 
very much...

I've been holding off adding features to it from imaginary use cases, as 
I'll just implement the wrong things... I need people to try using it 
and complain about what isn't clear and which points they want to extend 
it at, but can't..

So thanks for the feedback :)


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