[Catalyst] Clean install doesn't work at all... any ideas?

Darren Duncan darren at darrenduncan.net
Wed Jun 9 23:41:51 GMT 2010

Sir Robert Burbridge wrote:
> Hey can anyone help me figure out this issue?  I upgraded catalyst to 
> v5.80024 (from CPAN).  A fresh install throws the following error.  I 
> included module version numbers that seemed relevant ...
> Moose: v1.07
> Catalyst: v5.80024
> Catalyst::Runtime: v5.80024
> Catalyst::Devel: v1.27

I updated to the latest Moose et al and then created a new Catalyst app et al as 
you did, and I'm not seeing any errors.

[Core Features]
- Test::More                       ...loaded. (0.94 >= 0.88)
- Catalyst::Runtime                ...loaded. (5.80024 >= 5.80024)
- Catalyst::Plugin::ConfigLoader   ...loaded. (0.27)
- Catalyst::Plugin::Static::Simple ...loaded. (0.29)
- Catalyst::Action::RenderView     ...loaded. (0.14)
- Moose                            ...loaded. (1.07)
- namespace::autoclean             ...loaded. (0.11)
- Config::General                  ...loaded. (2.48)

Mind you, I also made sure to separately put Class::MOP up to date if that was 
needed, and I also did my tests on a different operating system, Mac OS X 
10.6.3.  I also had Perl 5.12.1, and I don't recall you saying what Perl version 
you had.

-- Darren Duncan

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