[Catalyst] Log::Log4perl::Catalyst or Catalyst::Log::Log4perl ?

Tomas Doran bobtfish at bobtfish.net
Mon Jun 14 23:10:26 GMT 2010

On 13 Jun 2010, at 18:53, J. Shirley wrote:

> On Jun 13, 2010, at 3:56 AM, Christiaan Kras wrote:
>> Thanks. He suggests Catalyst::Log::Log4perl.
>> I guess I'll try both Catalyst::Log::Log4perl and  
>> Log::Log4perl::Catalyst then.
>> Christiaan Kras
> The cspec issues can (in most cases) be safely ignored.

There are patches to fix them (by removing most of the code) pending,  
but I haven't found the tuits to finish it yet..

> If you do encounter any issues with using it, please let me know  
> what they are and I'll work towards getting them fixed up.


> It does, however, look like the autoflush issue needs to be  
> resolved.  I'll see if I can get the tuits to chase that down next  
> week.

There are pending patches for a load of things - I haven't had the  
time to maintain it that it deserves recently, so if anyone else is  
prepared to help work on it I'd be entirely glad.

I can say that it does work for me in production, and I do have some  
plans to get back to it (as I need to do some work on logging in  
various of my apps some time in the next couple of months)...


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