[Catalyst] Extending Catalyst -- new elements

piotr pogorzelski pp at webtel.pl
Fri Jun 18 08:58:51 GMT 2010

> I'd like our structure to be something like:
>    ./lib/
>    ./lib/MyApp.pm
>    ./lib/MyApp/Model
>    ./lib/MyApp/Model/DB.pm
>    ./lib/MyApp/View
>    ./lib/MyApp/View/TT.pm
>    ./lib/MyApp/Controller
>    ./lib/MyApp/Controller/Auth
>    ./lib/MyApp/Controller/User
>    ./lib/MyApp/Controller/...
>    ./lib/MyApp/Schema/...
>    ./lib/MyApp/Form/Auth/Login.pm
>    ./lib/MyApp/Form/Auth/Register.pm
>    ./lib/MyApp/Form/...

I prefer instead of
	catalyst.pl MyApp
	catalyst.pl MyApp::Catalyst

and keep my model, helpers, or other application
modules below MyApp::Catalyst, leaving MyApp::Catalyst for
web interface modules.

using DBIC::Schema i create it under MyApp::Schema

later building model in MyApp::Model and importing
it into Catalyst Model using Catalyst::Model::Adaptor

Co catalyst is rather a big dispatcher and converter
which on input maps web parameters to model parameters and
model data to web methods specifications and renders it to
html or JSON on output.


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