[Catalyst] Repeatedly creating sessions

Charlie Garrison garrison at zeta.org.au
Thu Jun 24 10:23:47 GMT 2010

Good evening,

On 24/06/10 at 2:30 AM -0700, Paul Makepeace <paulm at paulm.com> wrote:

>Any tips or suggestions on what this might be? Anyone else seen it?
>Debug tips next time we catch it?

I've seen behaviour like that with two of the apps here, but it 
only seems to be happening with one particular browser (OmniWeb 
on Mac) so I don't think our problem is with Catalyst. I did 
detailed logging and communicated with OmniSoftware support; 
they agreed it looked a browser problem.

Thought I'd chime in just in case the problem we're having is 
with Catalyst instead of the browser. Load the following modules 
to help with debugging:


And I'm keen to hear what you find with LiveHTTPHeaders.


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