[Catalyst] KiokuDB, MongoDB and the NoSQL thing

Andrew Rodland andrew at cleverdomain.org
Tue Mar 2 10:40:20 GMT 2010

On Tuesday 02 March 2010 12:07:23 am S.A. Kiehn wrote:
> I have a couple of production Catalyst/DBIx::Class sites on Debian stable,
> and then on my personal hobby site I use local::lib to try out new
> things.  Recently I split out my users for this site into a separate model
> and I thought it a good exercise to learn and use KiokuDB.  It was just a
> couple of simple objects, users & roles, but I believe I have a better
> understanding of how a schema-less data model would work.  All I do are
> lookups based on ID or indexed object values, but doing any type of
> ordering by dates or titles is a mystery.  It seems that the Search::GIN
> is to provide this sort of functionality, but it is under-documented and
> has not had an update for awhile.
> I do
>  not see many posts
>  regarding uses of KiokuDB within Catalyst so I was curious about the
> opinion of the community in regards to its usage.  Is it still to early
> within development?
> Also, I have been reading more about the increase in the NoSQL interest,
> with a particular interest in the MongoDB database (it seems to be similar
> in some respects to KiokuDB), but I do not find Perl people in the
> discussion as much as others (Ruby, PHP).  Are there developers in the
> Catalyst community who lean toward NoSQL concepts over traditional RDMS's,
> or is best to view as a tool to use at times?
> How about MongoDB?  Am I being suckered by another bandwagon?
Kioku is a really beautiful idea. I was hoping to use it on a recent project 
but unfortunately it wasn't the right fit -- one of the most common access 
patterns I would have to support for this app was unduly difficult in Kioku at 
this time so I decided to put it off. So, no real first-hand advice from me.

Might I suggest hitting #catalyst and #kiokudb on irc.perl.org? I know that 
there's at least one person using MongoDB with Catalyst on #catalyst, so you 
can probably get some words of wisdom.


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