[Catalyst] Greasemonkey with JQuery, JSON, and Catalyst

Michael Peck mapeck65 at gmail.com
Tue Mar 2 20:06:47 GMT 2010

I'm writing a Greasemonkey script that incorporates JQuery, which I want to
POST JSON data to a catalyst application.  The Catalyst application does not
exist within the same domain as the page the greasemonkey script is running
from, so I am assuming I will need to use Greasemonkey's
*GM_xmlhttpRequest*method to post the data.  I am new to all of this,
so I'm just trying to
make sure my thought process is correct.

On the client side, I think I should use JSON.stringify on the Javascript
object before posting it using GM_xmlhttpRequest to the Catalyst app.

On the Catalyst side, I'm planning to use Catalyst::Controller::REST, which
should deserialize the JSON data with Catalyst::Action::Deserialize::JSON,
if I understand it correctly.

If anyone has done anything similar, I could use some pointers, as I'm new
to Catalyst and haven't worked with JSON before.

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