[Catalyst] Which C::View::PDF should I use?

Tomas Doran bobtfish at bobtfish.net
Fri Mar 5 09:32:12 GMT 2010

On 5 Mar 2010, at 05:38, Charlie Garrison wrote:

> I'm not looking to create PDFs from code, I'll be using an existing  
> PDF and replacing values. And both C::V::P::Reuse & C::V::P::API2  
> seem to handle that in effectively the same way.

Yeah, they're both basically just wrappers..

PDF::Reuse is supposed to make it easier to reuse PDFs, whereas API2  
is more powerful (and more cryptic :)..

They're both being used successfully by people as far as I know, so  
pick whichever one appeals most :)


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