[Catalyst] Which C::View::PDF should I use?

Charlie Garrison garrison at zeta.org.au
Mon Mar 8 00:20:56 GMT 2010

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On 8/03/10 at 9:06 AM +1100, Chris <hutchinson.chris at gmail.com> wrote:

>I've found that a simple way to put values into a PDF is to use PDF
>forms - position the form fields in the appropriate location in the
>template doc, and to generate the output update the form fields and
>write a 'flattened' version of the doc. This means you can use visual
>tools to layout the doc, and your code doesn't need to know anything
>except the field names.

Thanks for that tip. And I later realized thats where I got 
confused with my first read-through of the docco (thinking I 
could do a simple 'replace value'). For this project though, 
it's not practical for someone to create a PDF 'form'. I've got 
an action generating a blank html form which $customer can print 
to pdf (hopefully they can at least do that, I'm still working 
through it with them) which PDF::Reuse loads as the template.

I'm still working out how to best specify the X/Y coords for 
each value though. I've got it all working; the hard part is 
next, explaining it all to the customer.


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