[Catalyst] Redirecting Catalyst's Log to a File

John Karr brainbuz at brainbuz.org
Mon Mar 8 09:14:25 GMT 2010

I'm having a problem with deploying a Catalyst application (I'm learning
Catalyst and this is the first application I've tried to put on the web, and
it works on my test machine which has a similar configuration to my ISP, but
just times-out at my isp returning nothing), and need to capture the logging
output from the fastcgi script to a file instead of the apache log. I
already tried plugging in Catalyst::Plugin::Log4perl::Simple, while it
redirects cgi and Catalyst's internal server to a file it does not work
under fastcgi. 

I would think to replace the Catalyst::Log method _send_to_log which just
dumps an array of messages to STDERR with one that dumped to a file instead.
Or capturing STDERR to a Filehandle might be an even easier hack. In a
simpler environment either of these methods should work, but with Catalyst
there are issues that are beyond me. One is persistence of a Filehandle
(either a log file or a captured STDERR), the other is overriding a method
of an ancestor object throughout the sequence of scripts. Finally there is
the question of insertion point. 

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